19 July 2017

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As you know, we, like many of you, run a professional service firm.

Our business is helping other professional services firms — accountants and their clients in particular — develop and implement marketing strategies, culture strategies sales strategies and ‘outrageous’ service strategies all designed to help you take your business to the next level.

So we grow our business by doing exactly what we recommend to our clients …we’re always researching, testing and measuring and looking for better ways to take our business to the Next Level. We innovate and then we market.

We never wanted to be the ‘shoemaker with barefoot children.’

We made a decision a long time ago to practice what we preach.

So, with that thought in mind, and after many years on the trail of the best strategies to grow our business and yours we’ve learned even more about the importance of having a referral method in place — one that delivers a constant stream of quality clients wanting to do business with you and possibly the most significant force for ‘growth’ in your business.

The first thing we recognised was that the obvious way to generate referrals wasn’t obvious at all.

In fact, generating referrals doesn’t have much to do with marketing campaigns, referral tactics, or strategic partnerships.

The way to generate more referrals is simply to be more referable.

So patience is the key as we put in place a range of tactics to amplify your referability.

A referral is the result of a job well done, exceeding a client’s expectations, delivering an experience worth talking about.

Most people assume referrals happen after the fact but you will learn (with the MX Growth Factor Referral Method –see they can happen consistently and predictably if you begin every decision you make with a referral in mind.

If a 100 percent referral rate was your new standard of success…that is if every client you serviced sent you a referral; if every client you asked for a referral gladly and quickly gave you a referral:

· Would that make you pause and reflect on every facet of your business?

· Would that make you think about how to over-deliver every time?

· Would that make you think about ways to ensure your clients got the results you promised?

· Would it change your idea of what an ideal client looked like?

· Would you confidently assure a prospect they would be so happy with the result you deliver they will want to refer you and your business before they even became a client?

· Would it change the way you followed up 30, 60 and 90 days after a prospect became a client?


“A referral strategy is a lead strategy

It’s a client service strategy

It’s a process strategy

It’s a competitive strategy

It’s a management strategy

It’s a people strategy and

It’s a financial strategy”

Good Luck and (always) Good Selling

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