13 October 2017

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Selling has changed more in the past 10 years than it did in the previous hundred years and many of the assumptions which people have always had about selling have crumbled.

Like it or not, we’re all engaged every day in influencing others to trade something they’ve got in exchange for what we’ve got.

Whether it’s a product or service or an idea — we’re all in selling now.

No matter what your job title is, if you honestly analyse what you really do you’ll probably find you spend upwards of 40% of each day persuading, influencing and cajoling others to take a certain course of action that without you — they may not have taken.

Trying to move others is selling pure and simple and it doesn’t matter whether we’re talking consumers, clients, customers, businesses, students, patients, children or team members.

So, I guess it follows that the smart thing to do is to figure out how to get better at moving others to your way of thinking. It really is the most valuable skill-set of the future.

Here’s what Daniel Pink in his book — To Sell is Human- has to say:

“Selling, I’ve grown to understand, is more urgent, more important, and, in its own sweet way, more beautiful than we realise. The ability to move others to exchange what they have for what we have is crucial to our survival and happiness. It has helped our species evolve, lifted our living standards, and enhanced our daily lives. The capacity to sell isn’t some unnatural adaptation to the merciless world of commerce. It is part of who we are.”

Selling is nothing more than finding out what people want and why and talking to them about how you can help them get it.

When I say selling has changed — it has changed because of the Internet.

Buyers (no matter who they are and what they have shown an interest in) can now do their own research easier and faster than ever before.

They can find a list of sellers offering a comparable product — if not the same thing, and at what price.

They can view comments or feedback from other people who have bought the product or had dealings with the seller.

They can seek input from their trusted friends and colleagues more easily.

Furthermore, sellers know if the buyer is treated poorly or unethically, they can use social networks to tell hundreds or even thousands of their friends about their experiences. If this happens often enough, it will undermine the seller’s ability to sell again in the future.

Having said all that, people, buyers, still like to be re-assured they’re making a wise decision.

And this where we’re all in sales now really grabs a strong hold.

Buyers still want direction, leadership and confidence.

They want the seller to not only know everything there is to know about the product, service or idea they also want to understand the process involved and they want to experience the joy of using and benefitting from their ‘purchase.’

It’s the job of the sales person to lead them through this process…and that is the challenge of the modern salesperson.

Best Wishes for a Great Life

Good Luck and (always) Good Selling

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