31 August 2017

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I would like to introduce you to a subject dear to my heart …

Why most Businesses don’t work and what to do about it…or put another way…the seven most common mistakes every business owner makes and how to avoid them.

Let me start by explaining …

· Why this subject is dear to my heart

· Why most business don’t work and

· What we’ve done about it

Before we discuss the problems and solutions of businesses in Australia ( or anywhere for that matter) we should first get some feel for the magnitude of the problem…

At the last count there were 1.2 million small businesses in Australia employing on average 4 people…which means that almost 5 million people are employed in small business …that’s about half the workforce.

Everyday there are people going into business for the first time …they expect to change their lives, change their fortunes and became totally independent and secure…which is the ultimate goal of business, at least from the owners viewpoint.

What they don’t realise is that the odds of them succeeding are stacked against them and the biggest problem they face is themselves, they have no idea what its like to go into business…and their reasons for going into business are totally wrong.

They go into business thinking that because they know how to do the work of a business, this will automatically turn into a business that works…and it doesn’t…it turns into a disaster.

10,000 business owners around the world will close their doors today for the last time …and the reason the statistics are so high is that the people who go into business are not who we think they are…and that’s why we have a problem

80% of all people who go into business will be out of business within five years…of the remaining 20%, 80% of them will be out of business within the next 5 years…in other words if the first five years don’t kill you, the next five will.

This means for every 100 businesses starting today only 20 will be here in five years…and in another five years, only 4 will be left….

96% get it wrong!

So what causes these failures?

Is it the economy, is it the red-tape, the Government, is it interest rates, is it lack of capital, is it not enough sales, is it your partner, your brother in law…?

Its none of these reasons…its not the economy, not interest rates, not the government, it’s not competition, not your partner, it’s not your brother in law… it has nothing to do with these things…and if you want proof…just look at those businesses who are operating successfully under exactly the same conditions…

There is a deeper, far more important reason…

The Problem is the person who owns the business!

Businesses don’t fail — people just give up.

If you’ve got a product or service and therefore a business that solves someone’s problem and people are willing to pay money for it (in other words you have not broken the iron-law of the market and created something that no one wants…) then why would it fail?

After working with over 5000 business owners I’m guessing I know why it’s not working …and it’s not the product or the service …it’s the business owner — that’s where the problem is.

IF you want to know more about WHY it’s the business owner just write to me at trevor@trevormarchant.com. and I’ll send you the answer in my FREE report –


In the meantime

Good Luck and (always) Good Selling

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