In Australia, New Zealand, the UK and USA, career opportunities are

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If you subscribe to our values and principals and understand you can get anything in life you want – providing you help enough other people get what they want, then we’re happy to chat with you.

The Redline Consulting Company is about taking people and their businesses to the Max.


Because, we believe everyone is brilliant at something. Everyone – and every business has potential.

Our role in life is to help people and businesses achieve the performance that matches their potential.

That’s it.

If you want to work with or for the Redline CC it will be about ‘pushing’ yourself to the Max. Anything less is a tragedy. Life is for real – we don’t have enough time to practice.

If you would like more information and a ‘telephone’ chat with us simply email , or
using the subject line – CAREERS, and we’ll be in touch with you.

THREE PATHWAYS to pursue The Redline CC


Independent consultant

You can work as an independent consultant using your own systems and methods to coach people and businesses and ‘sell’ our Sales factor Xchange Network as a means of generating opportunities for you to do business. This may include running several Xchange Mastermind groups as way of building trust and rapport with like-minded people – people who may wish to ‘take-up’ your coaching services.



All of the above except for one major and significant, beneficial change: You may qualify to operate your consulting/coaching business as a trained and qualified Redline CC licensee – using our award – winning Growth factor consulting product. In other words, you become a licensed Redline Consultant and you are trained and coached to have the knowledge, skills and experience to use the same coaching method we’ve used with over 5000 business owners and 70 accounting firms.


Salary and bonus

A few of our most experienced, talented and results- oriented consultants become Redline CC Corporate Consultants and operate under a salary and bonus structure out of our Head Office and Regional Offices.

About Us

At the heart of the Redline Consulting Company is the ‘unshakeable belief’ that every person is brilliant at something and every business has potential – providing it produces something people want to buy

Our job is to help you take your business to the Max.

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