How do you increase the number of clients?

Three things you have to do



Increase your lead generation



Improve your sales conversion rate.



Increase the client retention rate

Thats where the growth factor equation comes in

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To Grow your Client Base

Focus on ...


Increasing your lead generation through:

  • Referral systems
  • Acquiring clients at break-even up front and make a profit at the back end
  • Guaranteeing purchases through risk reversal
  • Host beneficiary relationships
  • Advertising
  • Using direct mail
  • Use Telemarketing
  • Running special events or information nights
  • Acquiring Qualified list
  • Develop a Unique Selling Proposition
  • Increase the perceived value of your product/ service through better client education
  • Using public relations

Increasing your conversion from enquiry to sale through:

  • Increasing the sales skill level of your staff
  • Acquiring clients at break-even up front and make a profit at the back end
  • Guaranteeing purchases through risk reversal
  • Host beneficiary relationships
  • Asking for referrals

Increasing your client retention rate through:

  • Delivering a higher than expected level of service
  • Communicating frequently with your clients to nurture them

This page shows you 30 totally proven, yet almost totally under utilised ways ways of growing your business.
There are 500 plus ideas, both offline and online available to you in the Growth Factor .
not only that, the strategies recommended for you by our team of experts will be tailored specifically for your business and are guaranteed to work

Increase Frequency and Transaction Value


To Increase the Average Transaction Value, Focus on

  • Improving your team's selling techniques to up-sell and cross-sell
  • Using Point-of-Sale promotions
  • Packaging complimentary products and services together
  • Increasing your pricing and hence your margins
  • Channelling the profile of your products or services to be more 'up market'
  • Offering greater/ larger units of purchase

To Increase the Transaction Frequency , Focus on:

  • Developing a back-end of products that you can go back to your clients with
  • Communicating personally with your clients (by telephone or letter) to maintain a positive relationship
  • Endorsing other people's products to your list
  • Running special events such as 'closed door sales', limited pre-release and so on ...
  • Programming clients
  • Price inducements for frequency


…by adding more strategies



Email Marketing

Host/Beneficiary Relationship


Developing a back-end


Direct Mail

Referral Systems

Joint Ventures

Social Media

Direct Sales

What happens when you start to use the Growth Factor and combine a wide array of marketing approaches ...
now we have something that is strong, sustainable and profitable

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