AT LAST an easy-to-follow Sales Training and Coaching Course

developed by International Best-Selling Author and Performance Coach – Trevor Marchant. (Trevor and his partner, Eve Dallas have been featured in the top 1 per cent of Sales Trainers and Performance Coaches in Australia and New Zealand)

The Sale Factor

…and it’s exclusive to your consultant

Learn how to sell what you make, in your own time and at your own pace…

The SALES FACTOR correspondence/online course is the evolution of Trevor and Eve’s highly-rated and successful 2 day Selling skills course – High Performance Selling. THE COURSE

The Course


There are 12 Modules on the Course, usually completed at the rate of 1 per fortnight – however you choose when and where to complete each Module.

The course can be completed on an individual basis or as a team. Its more fun if you can do it with someone else – but not essential

…and the difference with this course compared to everything else you might come across is you are being coached by a Master Sales Trainer and Coach and you will be in contact with Eve and Trevor at least every fortnight.

The result

at the end of the course

  • This course is worth a closer look…over 5000 people – from all walks of life – not just salespeople but people who now find they need to know more about selling …people in the Health Industry for example; Professional Service people – Accountants, Lawyers, Engineers etc as well as Small Business Owners – all over Australia and New Zealand.

Where to from here?


Just claim your free copy of our Introduction eBook by filling the form below and downloading it. We'll be in touch.

By the way – this proven, time-tested method of teaching you how to sell is priced so anyone who wants to improve their sales skills and enjoy the rewards that come with that – can do it.

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People know how to Make the thing they Sell, but only a handful know how to Sell the thing they make.

Trevor Marchant – Master Sales Trainer and Performance Coach


When we Accept that Selling is an essential skill, no matter what we do, and that can be selling ideas just as much as selling products and services, and we Embrace the idea that we must learn all we can about selling to give us the best chance to be successful and Apply what we learn on the SALES Factor course – every minute of every day of our working lives- everything changes.

Revenue goes up, Profits go up- and we start dealing with ‘happier’ problems.


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