You’re here and we’re betting you’re a bit like us – you’re a busy person who’s always juggling to get everything done and you haven’t any time to waste or you know that by putting in the ‘hard yards’ now will pay handsome dividends in the future… If we’re right - then there’s something very special here for you.

Growing a profitable business is not about - not knowing what to do or a lack of knowledge. It’s not about a lack of willingness, or money, or who you are or who you know – growing a profitable business is about know-how – a special kind of know-how.

It’s the know-how Bill Gates might talk about, or the late Steve Jobs, or Mary Kay, Michael Dell, Gerry Harvey or Sir Richard Branson. It’s the know-how you learn through trial and error and the experience that comes from working with over 5000 business owners all over Australia and New Zealand.

The Redline Consulting Company has gathered all the ‘know-hows’ and put them in a box and called it ‘MX The Growth factor’ and made it available to every business owner on the planet – every business owner that wants to grow, become more profitable and get on top of their business and their life.

We believe everyone is brilliant at something; everyone has potential – the Redline Consulting Company helps you turn that potential into performance – fast.

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It all starts here…

Nothing happens
until something is sold

Selling more, to more people, more often

Learn the truth about selling
and HOW ‘Go-Givers’ sell more

More time, more money, more life…

The MX Growth factor revolution
‘better never stops’

Culture ‘eats’ strategy for breakfast

Talent + Effort = Skill
Skill + Effort = Performance

Branding and Promotion

Your brand is who you are
and who your clients think you are…

Look after your body

This is where you ‘live’
live well

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